Why is soccer so popular everywhere but here?

And here is America. Soccer is always number one if you go to another country but America beats by a different drum. Personally i think it is kind of boring to watch. I enjoy football better, but that's just my opinion.


Because advertisers have your sports by the nuts. Constant stops'n'starts for as many commercial breaks as they can fit in. Ask yourself why a 60 minute game can easily take 3 hours to watch with the ball only actually doing anything for a fraction of that 60 minutes. Plenty more time in between to sell you Coca-Cola, Budweiser and I-pods!

Football(soccer) on the other hand doesn't work like that. You have 45 minutes, followed by another 45 minutes with only 15 in the middle to sell you stuff. Advertisers don't like that and in the US money takes precedent over everything. When the US had the WC they actually tried to get FIFA to make it 4X20 minutes just to squeeze in more adverts. FIFA told them to f-off and that the rules had been just fine for over 100 years! Some of us actually like to watch football, not adverts, dancing girls and copious substitutions with a bit of sport thrown in almost as an afterthought.


Because there's not enough time to advertise for the greedy networks and theres not enough scoring for the ADD plagued Americans


I like watching the World Cup but most Americans are disgusted with all the fake flops and the wimp factor of the game. The funny thing is that these guys are world class athletes but the way the game is taught to them teaches them to fall and grimace every time they get touched.It does not matter where they are from,they all do it.They could fix it by adopting Ice Hockey rules and penalize players for enhancing any trip or foul. The other thing is there are too many 0-0 ties. I do not care what sport you watch or play 0-0 sucks!


probably cus america has more sports to play? idk

i personally find football SO boring...

LOVE soccer :D


I dunno, maybe just because it's not ingrained in America's culture like it is with most of the world