Soccer Drills for beginners?

So I am starting to play Soccer and I want to know the most basic drills for beginners. A list would be appreciated, no videos. Or a website.

Thanks in Advance!


1) Juggling - keep the ball up in the air consecutively as many times as possible, use both feet and try to beat your record everyday.

2) Dribbling - set up some cones, use some trees, some street poles, some rocks, whatever you can get your hands on. Dribble threw them as quickly as possible weaving in and out, focus on keeping cross control of the ball, gradually increase your speed.

3) Passing and Shooting - if you can get a ball, and a wall, your set. Practice your passing and shooting against a wall, use the inside, outside, instep, and back heel of your foot. It seems foolish but it really is great practice.

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Hope this helps. Good luck.