Who is better chicharito or giovani dos santos?

for me it's chicharito


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Javier Hernandez is better by far, Gio Dos Santos is not at Chicharito's level yet


Rudis Corrales de El Salvador!



Ahhhh They Are Both Amazing But I LOVE

Javier."Chicharito".Hernandez Balcazar <3


hard to choose from the 2. they are both good players. if i had a team i would want both because they do make a good pair. gio and chicharito are both the same right now. they both have time to grow and get better but i fel that gio has been in higher competetion and has the most experience.


They are both good in their own respective ways. You can't really compare these two players because they have two totally different roles on the field.

I think you should of asked "who is more effective in a game" or "if you had to chose only one for your team, who would you chose"


Giovanni isn't a ******* striker idiots. Giovanni not only is better than Javier hernandez, he's the best player mexico has.


carlos vela better than both of them lol.


i don't think you can compare since they play different positions and this question is being answered as who do you like better