Different types of soccer shots?

Soccer shooting techniques! im lookin for a description of like a finesse shot and like a power shot or instep shot. like the uses and technique behind them. and swerve shots.. any help? need this for a compare contrast thing for school


i can help you with bending the ball (swerve shot) and a power shot and last the instep. okay ill start with a bend. there is 2 ways to bend the ball. 1 you want to use your instep but a little bit higher than usually so a little bit higher than the instep. u want to think of the ball as a clock. 1 2 3 4 5 6 and so on. 6 would be the bottom of ball. so u would use the spot i just told u hit the ball at 6 o'clock then you want to follow through with ur kick. that will cause an amazing spin on the ball to curve it. 2 way is to use the outside of your foot. do everything the same as step 1 but use the outside of your foot.ok and the power shot. you will want to hit the ball with your laces as hard as u can. that's really just a power shot. you can lean back to chip it it. to keep it low and hard keep ur knee over the ball. and last the instep which is mostly used to place your shot or pace. u just simply strike the middle of the ball and use the inside of ur foot called the instep. good luck hope i helped!:)