Is it worth it visting Liverpool from America?

ok so this is my plan...

in the next 2-3 years i'm saving up money to visit Liverpool

then im probably gonna stay for 2-3 days

im going to visit and tour Anfield, go to Abbey Road and tour the city

my question is is it worth it?

i heard people from this section that Liverpool is a bad place (people getting rob, stealing cars, chavs roaming the street).

or is that only 1 bad part of Liverpool and the rest is nice


Quite large parts of Liverpool are in rundown areas... especially around Stanley Park, where Anfield and Goodison Park is

Its because it used to be a rich, port city and all that industry has basically gone to shite

Anfield is a good stadium... but only go on European nights or against Man United... you may be disappointed at any other time


i also would like to go one day


Abbey Road is in London...


Abbey road.. I thin you mean the Beatles tourist tour.. why not

Good and bad parts of every City

Personally I would spend my money on a footie ticket and only stay one day..


Yes at the end of next season when we win the League


You'll get mugged twice on the same street by the same person.




I used to visit Liverpool once a week with work, I always found the people to be warm & friendly, if you have an interest in the place go for it you can spend a lifetime regretting what you didn't do.

Ps Abbey road studios is on London!