Greatest manager...greatest team at the current time and great fans YET?

still the womblewatchinwanker still cant realise HIS TEAM GOT FLUMPED....

when will he realis his team is shyte just now?


your right am not the average gers fan am more than that you ******* coward.your just a typical taig no name,no identity.lennon is a scumbag your club is full of shame and the sad bit about it is you all knew.take yourself and all the rest of your irish loving fans and **** off home to where you`se belong.


i thought you supported Celtic?

Rangers arent doing to well just now either but even i wouldnt turn on my team like that lol


sorry i don't think we quite realise that you have already won the treble and the champions league is in the bag..oh and another gfitw award will be with yous just shortly....

guess it took some of yous 3 seasons to realise your team were shyte..wait they didn't..they just talked the same kack until the team won a few games..same as all fans do really