Looking at all these diverse national sides in Europe, I'm actually really proud of South American sides.?

We actually play with our own players. France puts a bunch of foreigners on their squad. Many don't even want to play for them. Germany does the same thing. Portugal fills its team with Brazilians who are not good enough to play for Brazil, Turkey takes players of Turkish descent from Germany and England already fielded the Jamaican John Barnes a long time ago. At least countries in South America can identify with their teams.


Are they trying to tell you Balotelli is Italian? Does he look Italian to you people?


That's because no one ever moves to South America to play for their teams. Everyone wants to get out


Portugal does not fill his team with Brasilian players.

Pepe its the only player,and he is good enough to be the first choice CB for Real Madrid.

Deco doesnt play for the national team nor the forward (dont remenber his name)anymore.

Plus all those players were made in Portugal.

And you are lucky because most of your players are raised as players in Europe.


Wow? Really?

All of those "foreigners" where raised in France and have played in France from a very young age. Zidane cared as much about France as any other French player, the same can be said for Henry, Viera and Thuram who where also of African decent.

To say it is wrong to play "foreigners" who are eligible and want to play for a certain country is pathetic and a form of prejudice.