What do you think of the French national team. Do they even want to play for France?

There are so many people on there who are not really French. All the drama at the last World Cup made that obvious. All these players had no pride and didn't even want to play for France. Some stopped playing for France entirely. Other former players like Zidane wanted to play for Algeria before


majority of their talent is imported from another country, why don't France produce thaeir own footballing talent, zidane could of played for algeria, desailly could of played for ghana, the list goes on ..... yeah I always get reported when answering about mexico football team or asking a question about mexico football, I find it all pathetic really that the mexicans in this football section report answers cos they dislike the answer or question


You sound like a racist. Who are the players who aren't really French? If you were paying attention, you would know that France has been doing well since Blanc took over.


Zidane. Enough said.



Every team goes through bad patches, its all part of the game. France underwent one back in 2002, but bounced back 4 years later to reach the runner up position of the 2006 world cup. Brazil is having one now. However they will eventually recover. The recovery may take months or years. Class is permanent. France were once world champions and they will play like world champions again. The same applies to Brazil and Italy. At the moment France are playing arguably the best football of all the nations. They recorded dominating wins over England and Brazil in recent times. They will defnitely be strong contenders for Euro 2012. Yes many of their star players may not have been born in France. However it is the French developmental systems which were responsible for nuturing this players and making them what they are. Without the France development system, those players would not have achieved what they did.