Why did the Liverpool fans boo Evra?

Was Patrice Evra wrong for reporting comments made by Suarez to him, that he found offensive?


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How many times must this be explained?

Cause he is a lying, exaggerating, flimsy liar whose own FA hates him. He winds up the fans and showed his true colours on Saturday.

He is seen as a liar and the report only leaves more room to doubt his credibility than believe a word he said.


how long are we going to have to hear about this?


coz he is a lier


Evra is biggest lier ever born in this earth


Evra is cocky...


Why? Because LFC fans hate MUFC (and vice versa). They will boo ANYTHING that is done by the other team or the other teams fans, because it allows them to feed off their hate.


Liverpool will always hate United and back and forth they go. Evra got Suarez in trouble. Liverpool people like Suarez. United fans like Evra they support their players.


Nothing wrong with reporting racial abuse, but it wasn't racial abuse: negrito is not a racist word.

To add to that he dived in the game before that against Liverpool.

And it's Evra, i've always hated him. If i was at Anfield i'd boo him every game before and after the incident.