Pep Guardiola, so Overrated?

When Barca won all those cups last year, I said it was because of Rijkaard's team and because of Messi and Eto. Then Guardiola sold Eto for some reason. Decided that Busquets was better than Yaya Toure. today, he showed how overrated he is. cant beat a team of 10 players for over 70 minutes with all that Barca firepower. thoughts?


I like to compare Pep with Rafa. He won too big prize too soon.


Pep is overrated as you said look at the team he inherited,also Chelsea done exactly what Inter did but sh!t referring cost them.

But saying that Pep seems good bloke.


I attribute Barcelona's success in the UCL last season to a bit of disgraceful skullduggery with both UEFA and Ovrebo.

This year, Jose avenged us.

Thank you, Special One


I agree. I think that Pep Guardiola is quite possibly the luckiest manager in the history of humanity.