How much is a "Vintage Lee Trevino" Golf Ball worth?

I found this old vintage Lee Trevino golf ball in my room.

I believe I acquired it by buying a golf tote a while back.

It came included with some balls, this was the only one of it's kind I found.

It says "Lee Trevino" on both sides in cursive.

Is this like a collector, or just another ball?


Faultless, I think, made balls with Trevino's name on them back in the 1970s.

While that might sound like a long time ago, and you think you might have something rare, they made millions of them - so unless it's in pristene/like new condition, it's not worth much.


Can you authenticate it ? It has value only to a Trevino fan . Might be worth $15 or $ 20