Equipment question: Can you put a shell on both girdle and pants?

I have always worn hockey pants, usually Easton. And I have never worn a girdle. Up until now, all the teams I have been on had black as part of their uniform colors. However, I am about to be on a team that wears red pants. Instead of buying new pants or a girdle, I was wondering if I could just throw a red shell on my black pants.

So, any ideas?



yes you can throw on a red shell over your pants!

I am currently wearing a blue shell (with gold stripes on the side) over my black RBK pants!

All you need to do is to get a proper sizing so as the cover fits over your pants smoothly. Comfort is important so you don't want too big or too tight of a shell!


Yes- a lot of guys did this during the Olympics (wearing a shell over their pants); especially the goalies.

Shouldn't be a problem.


Yes but get it a size larger than your pants so it fits


Yeah, I had pants and just wore the shell over my pants and never had any problems, never fell down so I would say it was successful. You should have no problem in doing it if your team gives you the shell.


yeah if you have a girdle you need a shell to cover it and shells also go over pants. my highschool team gives us green shells... i play goalie so i needed an extra large one. just make sure you get the right size