Hey, take a look at my top 10 list:?

I found a list of the 10 most awkard NHL draft shots. It's here:…

Can you think of anyone else who had a not-so-great rookie shot? I say Jaromir Jagr:…

BQ* As some of you may or may not know I use to call Jaromir Jagr, Garomir Gagr because hockey games aren't on TV that often and I only say it in video games or in the news paper (this was before the internet). Have you ever mispronounced a hockey players name for an extended amount of time?


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Brad from home improvment looked really scared in his to me…

BQ* In sixth grade i called the maple leafs the oak leafs.... it took me a really long time to live that down... also a year after he joined im still not sure how to say latvian defenman on the stars last name.. skratskin skartstin skrakstin?


BA. It wasn't me but Leafs Hall of Fame coach Punch Imlach had some kind of mental block against his star left winger and future hall of fame member Frank Mahovlich. Punch used to call him Ma-hall-o-vitch instead of Mahovlich (ma hov litch) Punch finally traded him for Norm Ullman, Paul Henderson, and Floyd Smith, all easy names for Punch to pronounce.

Interestingly enough that year Toronto also traded a 25 year old forward to Minnesota. If they hadn't traded that player and kept him in the family maybe Zach Parise would have been born in Canada.


Awwww, this Kirill Kabanov kid is adorable.... Best draft pictures I've ever seen..


i agree with you


I used to pronounce Daigle " day -gul"...


Awkard shots .. oy Casey, you've got too much time on your hands!

Having that card I agree but nominate:…

bq: Not mispronounce (one of the many perks of being multilingual) but misspell yes .. for awhile I thought Kelly Hrudey was Kelly Rudy.


It's Dylan Mcilrath. Oh what's that? The pic isn't so bad? Oh I thoguht you wanted a bad pick with a K. Silly me.

BQ; I thought Byfuglien was Bi-foog-lian until the Rangers played the Blackhawks this year, and right after we got Messier I called him Messy-er for about a year and a half...hey I was 2 (I was already reading hockey cards at that age, which is funny cause I didn't read a book til I was 5). And here's another name gaffe, not pronunciation really but silly nonetheless; I thought Paul Kariya was Korean til I was like 8.


Lindros' has to be the #1 all time, he got drafted 1st overall by the Nordiques, who he had no intention of playing for. Hell he never even put on the jersey when it was handed to him. You can add anyone with a mullet to the list too.

BQ; Not really, being of french Canadian decent and educated in english, I always had a pretty easy time of it. Sometimes I get thrown for a loop however with some of the eastern European names.