Why is (MMA) kid such an idiot?

what is with these idiots on here?

they say 1 fighter is overrated

and down talk all others

most of them do not probally even train or do any martial arts

yet some apparently due and thus their Avatar Name is(MMA) and they are like 13 year olds with Black belts from ATA they act so hard and so cool

and love to parade about lesnar

but think lesnar is not that great

Brock has beat

Hoon Soo Kim - a can

Herring - a gatekeeper that lost to O'Brein shortly before this fight

Mir went 1-1 against him

Couture - after a year lay off and was 45 years old and unranked....never won another HW fight after this.

Werdum has beat guys like

Fedor #1 HW

Aleksander Emelianenko - was top 10

Bigfoot Silva - was top 12 at the time now top 10

Gonzaga twice - was ranked #5 in their 2nd fight

Vera - was borderline top 10 was 8-1 as a HW and had just crushed Mir

Alistar Overeem

Werdum is 5-1 in his last 6

Brock is 4-1 in his last 5

Werdum has beaten better recent competition and has had a better career than Brock.

Werdum should be #1

I also do not get why People Think just cause Lesnar was Divison 1 means he is better than Shane..Josh Koscheck p4p is 1 of the best wrestlers in the UFC..he was a 4x divison 1 champion he won 1st place his junior year, 4th place his freshman year, 2nd place his sophmore year and 3rd place his senior year..he is a 3 recepient of the PSAC wrestler of the year award

On Paper Koscheck is way better Wrestler than GSP

yet when they fought GSP won used strikes to set up takedowns and won

Also GSP later lost to Matt serra somehow and than came back won rematch

Matt Hughes lost to GSP and Thiago Alves

both guys with No Previous Wrestling experience that he has

Hughes Was a ADCC champ

and collegiate wrestler on paper he is way better yet has lost

people need to realize that collegiate and pure BJJ does not translate 100% into MMA


people like to say things loudly and talk a lot no matter if it has been talked about 30 times already today

the only thing you can do is to wade through it and wait for the morons to get tired of posting that sorta stuff and that plan only lasts till the next big thing happens

this will pass and be replaced by a new thing all you can do is look for the other questions with some substance


Good point, but I know that you copied and pasted most of this from a thread somebody started on the forums.


from what i can see you have just become one of the very people you are complaining about


You fall into the same category of pssy fanboys, so who the fck are you to talk?

EVERY one of you watches it on youtube, making you physically superior to anyone else in the entire world. You go on this gay website or some other bullshit forum and talk about how tough you are and what martial art you've mastered, how you're some kind of fckin messiah.

But you're all really just angry little boys. What do you know about it? You know NOTHING cuz none of you even have one fight under your belt, this is not including "training" with your friends I'm talkin about some real sht.

Emulation will get you beat up in hilarious fashion, if it hasn't already before.

Go ahead and thumbs down me or report me, that's what makes you so fckin hard is the ability to talk sht and get away with it only cuz you're online.


He's just naturally retarded. Its not his fault.