Where can i buy a shoe knife?

like the KGB had shoes that knife blades popped out and they would kill people with. i dont want it to kill people with i just want it to show off like when i go to my friends house i can pop it out and show him. but where can i buy some, and do they even sell them? be serious, no dumb answers please. like a real shoe. also i dont know where to post this so if i should put it in a different category tell me what one and i will.


I don't know but tell me if you find it. It would be pretty cool


You can buy Pleaser Men's Predator 1 Lace-Up…


a shoe knife... roflmao...

ok since a shoe knife is illegal, that that means this question is in violation of Y/A guidelines and i think i will report this for being an illegal question

it doesn't mater your intent, it is still illegal in many places



try this…


Be serious? You are asking where to buy shoe knives for crying out loud!