Is it bad to force yourself into the splits?

i really want to force myself into the splits. im really impatient and i hate streching everyday when i have no time a tbh it doent help me.

what i was thinking was i have a bunk bed with no bottom bed so could i just hold onto the top of my bed and push down.

jaden smith had to learn the splits for the karate kid and he did it that had he was crying in pain when he touched the floor.

is it a good idea?


Never do the side or parallel splits. Only do the front splits. The side ones cause irreparable damage to the hip joints.

How old are you? It's a functional but not very pleasant technique, but the older you are the more dangerous it is. It should only really be undertaken by children under 13 at the oldest


it'll hurt alot. get that idea out of your mind lol


Flexibility takes time to develop.


That is a really bad idea. You'll pull muscles and it will hurt a lot. Your definitely better just to stretch all the time, even though it will take longer to get there.


Don't do it. In dance I didn't stretch properly and we had to do the splits. When it came to the splits I was close to the ground so I forced myself that little but. Ended up pulling a muscle / spraining my knee and its painful trust me.......... Don't do it :)