If i knock a person out in a karate tournament do i instanly win or get a point?

If i knock a person out in a karate tournament do i instanly win or get a point?


Scandal is right you could be trolling.......but you never can tell around here anymore so for the sake of argument

It depends what the competition rules are, not all karate tournaments are the same , if it is a full contact style and by that I mean genuine full contact I couldn't see you getting disqualified and you'd probably get an instant win , although even in some full contact competitions a KO at a beginner level would probably be frowned upon , if it happened in the higher ranks they would see it that they should be good enough not to get knocked out so too bad for them,of course if you get fed up with stupid rules that force you to limit your abilities and strength change to a discipline/combat sport that will allow you to use them instead

I'm not saying Karate isn't a great discipline , what I'm saying is if it says it allows full contact strikes a KO is the most full contact thing you can get and is therefore within the rules,if you can't deal with that than you are lying to yourself about the reality of self defense ,combat sports and martial arts overall


Boy, you are a violent kid.

You keep asking these questions about knocking out or breaking arms.

What is wrong with you?

Or are you just trolling?


You loose and get disqualified. I would know I assist a tournament team and I am a Black Belt.


Yes, you do. It's called a penalty point and then you get disqualified.

Blasting someone is not hard and shows your skill as a mindless hack. Control shows skill and good sprotsmanship.


i hav to agree with sensei scandal, u hav been posting stuff about "what if i broke sumones arm"...

let me say this mate, do u do karate or are u thinking of joining karate ? i do karate myself but asking all these questions aint good. Karate is self defence only, if u had to break sumones arm cause ur life was in danger then u break that persons arm... if it was a push or shove, ignore it but if it got out of hand then defend ur self, do basic blocks and counter :S...

just go to a martial arts school... and martial arts should teach u self decerpline so u wouldnt wanna go around fighting people cause the moves we learn LOL, deadly.

plus dont go around saying u do martial arts at ur school, cause every1 would wanna see u fight and wanna fight u proberly :S...