What would happend if i broke someones arm with karate at school for self defence?

would i get sued or what?


You would defiantly get in trouble. Schools frown upon fighting no matter who started it. So yeah its never a good idea to fight at school.


only if they had a knife or a gun... your life would have to be in serious jeopardy. so yeah you would get suspended (at least) and most likely sued and or arrested


You would probably get sued, suspended, and possibly receive jail time like an adult would.


You would definitely get suspended and possibly even expelled. There is a slight chance you could get sued, but unless your 18 you won't face jail time. At most you'll be sent to Juvenile hall.


Attack is a Strong word and if its full on then it doesn't matter about the after effects, if your life is at risk what does it matter about getting in trouble. School fights dont tend to be that serious though so if possible just shove him away or just keep your distance.


School hasn't even started yet and you are already thinking about fights and breaking someone's arm?

Why would you need to break someone's arm? I have successfully DEFENDED myself without having to break anyone's arm. And I have worked in clubs, private events... and as a protection specialist for corporate executives and celebrities.

In all my situations I have never had to break someone's arm.

What on earth are you kids thinking?


That and what.

You will probably get suspended or expelled from school. You are probably responsible for the doctor, hospital and physical therapy bill and you may end up with asault charges against you. It will not matter if you did this in self defense. No schoolyard brawl is serious enough self defense to warrant breaking someone's arm. If you know Karate you should have plenty of other alternatives to control your opponent.