What is the best 1000fps air gun?

Hi, im looking for (my first) 1000fps airgun, and theres alot of options out there, like Gamo whisper x, rsv, shadow 1000 or another brand like Crosman Phantom 1000. Is there like a best choise or doesn't it matter? Thanks!


>>1000fps air rifle<<

Air rifles are more correctly measured by ft-lbs of muzzle energy...


.177 - 1000fps with 4.0gr Crosman pellets = 8.9ft-lbs

.177 - 1000fps with 16.1gr Eun Jin Pellets = 35.8ft-lbs

"Claiming" 1000fps without knowing the pellet used means very little.

Most air rifles that "claim" 1000fps actually get somewhere between 850fps and 900fps with average weight** pellets.

**8gr for .177 & 14gr for .22

IMO, sporting air rifles tend to perform best(combination of accuracy and trajectory) when you keep the MV between 850fps and 950fps, so that 1000fps+ isn't so great anyway. When is comes to accuracy. Pellets tend to become unstable(inaccurate) at 1000fps and horrible so if you break the sound barrier(approx 1125fps)

IMO the "best value" air rifle is the one "J Kirsch" already mentioned. Airgun Depot sells the .177 caliber RWS 34 for $199

The Dianawerks(Dynamite Nobel / RWS) has been building high quality airguns since 1890, and they back them with their lifetime warranty.

Same goes for the .22 caliber RWS 350 Magnum, also mentioned by "J Kirsch"…

IMO this is the least expensive air rifle that I include among the world's best. Same lifetime guarantee

Yes, it would have been much easier to have just said. "What he said" - J Kirsch that is, but it wouldn't have been nearly so much fun..

IMO, don't waste your money on chinese built junk. That would include the Crosman springers and many that carry the Beeman name.

If you're looking for a bargain basement springer, then the Gamo Big Cat is probably your best option...yeah, yeah, yeah, someone already mentioned it too. Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop and Dick's Sporting Goods all have sales on this one every now and then and they range from around $99 to $109 on sale.


Only 930 fps (but in the real world, nothing you mention breaks 900 fps)...…

Oh yeah...…

how about 1100 fps? for real!…

bargain alert!…


one of the best...…

I have this...…

anything less than this isn't worth having...…


The real question is how much do you want to spend for a "1000 fps" airgun?

For under $150, your best bet is probably the Gamo Big Cat. It produces around 14-15 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, is reasonably accurate (1-inch groups at 30 yards should be possible with practice), and is reasonably durable.

For under $250, your best bet is the RWS 34. It produces roughly the same energy level as the Gamo Big Cat; however it has a reputation for better accuracy and much, much better durability. Plus it comes with a lifetime warranty.

For under $350, your best bet is probably the RWS 350. It produces around 25 ft-lbs of muzzle energy (in .22 caliber), has a reputation for hunting accuracy out to 40 yards or further, and is extremely durable. Again you also get the wonderful RWS warranty.

For under $500, your best bets would probably be to start looking at a budget pcp like the Benjamin Discovery or Air Venturi Halestorm, or Sumatra 2500. They should deliver at least 20 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, 1-inch groups at 50 yards, and good durability.


If your looking for a decent airgun that isnt to inexpensive id go with the gamo bigcat 1200 but if you want to spend a little more i like the Gamo whisper


If you are really looking for the best air gun, look at the German models. They are serious air guns.


It doesn't matter too much, just make sure you get a name-brand like Gamo, Crossman, Beeman.... You will have to pay a bit more, but it will be worth it in the long run.