M40a3 rifle questions? supressor and other parts info?

im going wanting to purchase the barrel, stock, supressor, trigger, everything.

first thing, i found a mcmillian a-4 ajustable stock, are there any cheaper? where can i find every part to make the perfect rifle, and what all do i need?

and i looked at some night vision scopes but they are huge and i want one that connects onto the front of a normal scope and mounts to a rail placed on the barrel.

and i was wondering how i can get my class 3 firearms license so i can buy the supressor, its legal in my state to own one. and i i want the rifle in .308 caliber


You mean one of these?....

You do realize these rifles cost a small fortune...... Why not consider one of Remington's less expensive offerings like the Milspec 5R?.....…

Or the Remington 700 SPS tactical....…

We don't know much about you but - If this is one of your first rifle purchases then get a less expensive model and get a lot of practice with one of those.... Then when the barrels worn out purchase or build the expensive rifle that you want......

Look over this .308 Winchester guide while your at it.....


if you're thinking about getting a silencer look up this book:

Quiet Killers 1, by David J. Truby


To get a suppressor you have to send in for your license its like a 5 month wait go to the sheriffs office to find out the info on where to sign up for that.Suppressor could cost you $700 or more for a good one i have been told.once you send out the paperwork you send $200 with it and get a piece of paper that MUST STAY WITH THE SUPPRESSOR if you get caught without that paper you are screwed.This sounds like an expensive gun hope its worth it