Does the GHOST BLIND, for hunting really work?

Is it worth 200-400

, do you think you could make your own. I plan on hunting south louisiana


I think they are ridiculous. its is the dumbest thing that i have ever seen (kind of like snuggies).... But for real if your going hunting in South Louisiana all you need is a good old leafy camo suit... the ghost blind... if it was to work........... looks like it could only be good for flat plains land...not hard woods or marsh... i would stick with camo, and stealth if you want to take a animal....not a damn mirror on a stick


Seems like smoke & mirrors (ok, bad pun). My though is, what happens when the mirrors get scratched, dirty or hazy? also, in bright angled sun, isnt it going to reflect like a signal mirror? I also prefer blinds that give some type of shade or protection from rain or snow. Or, huge carnivouous insects in south LA. I used to throw up some dark mosqito netting when hunting in FL, it helps once you kill the little buggers inside. Just make a slit to stick the barrel through.


This GhostBlind thing really works. It is great. I took it out in an area that I usually hunt. I had mature doe come in very close. I'm not talking yards, I'm talking feet. It was awesome. I was a little skeptical as to how it would work, but have not a doubt now that I've got a buck with it. The blind sets up at an angle to reflect what is in the foreground of it about 6 or so feet, and any sunlight that hits it is reflected in the same area. It sets up in seconds and takes down just as easy. It is worth the price.