What is more reliable? AK-47 vs M14?



I would personally choose the AK for reliability. Everytime. And to address all the old guys who refuse to accept the AK as a superior weapon in most respects: stop citing "...M14, it's made in America..." So what if it's made in America? Have you driven an American made car lately? There's a grab bag mostly full of crap. Or more gun specific... ever owned a Hi-Point? Proudly made in the USA, they are.


A standard M14 will always be more reliable than an AK-47


m 14 is always the best its made in the usa and you don't know were the ak 47 is made there are a ton of places that thew them together like china if you can get one from russia are germany you should be all right


The Ak-47 NEVER jams. But a M14 will also rarely jam. They are both at par with each other, The AK-47 more so BECAUSE it has lower tolerances, big parts, and not very complicated. The M14 though, because it has higher tolerances, it is VERY accurate and very more powerful than the AK. The M14 is a much better choice. Much more expensive though...

You can buy Ak's made in America (I have no idea where), but nearly all M14 are made in America. I am not sure there is even a non-american made one.


Not trying to call anyone out, but the AK's were in fact built on purpose with loose tolerences to ensure robust reliability. Anyone that's ever dealt with a bent op rod in an M14 knows the tight tolerances of that design require more care. I'm not saying the M14 isn;t a good rifle, just the opposite, but the AK will be more reliable in the long run. It won't be as accurate EVER. The M14 has the AK beat in accuracy at all ranges.


Actually, I don't know where a lot of people get the "AK reliability" thing.

I've seen AK's blow up, I've seen them slam fire, I've seen them jam (in almost every way a firearm can jam).

Unless you get a junk Polytech/Norinco M14 replica, an M14 WILL be more reliable.

This whole combloc "built like tractor" thing is blown way out of proportion.

"Loose Tolerances"? Yeah right. More like poorly skilled machinists.


I think that the AK-47 has a legendary reputation for reliability that is unlikely to be surpassed by any gun, even the M-14.

That's not to say that the M-14 is unreliable - in fact the Garand action it derives from was one that was never regarded as unreliable by any means, and the M-14 is at least as reliable as most other contemporary battle rifles such as the FAL and G3. But western rifles such as those were typically machined to tighter tolerances than the AK and thus aren't as unworldly reliable as the AK series. I've seen demonstration after demonstration where people have dropped AKs in the mud, poured sand into their actions, and they've fired without a hiccup. While the M-14 will probably do just fine even when somewhat dirty, I seriously doubt they'd survive pouring sand into the action.