Do you guys who fish think I'm crazy?

Well everyday before school there's a lake across the street from my school I got there and ice fish before school I usually bring my fishing stuff to school with the rod hanging out the top of my backpack alot of people notice this and I was recently told I couldn't have hooks so every day before I go in I bend the hook till it has no points and wear it as a bracelet you could say and everyday I get asked were do you get such a Bright watch and they see do you think I should stop bringing my stuff to school and leave it there the only thing with leaving it is I can't get it till the next day and if it gets to warm I could loose it so do you think I'm weird by doing this


I don't think you're crazy or weird, I think your ingenuity is genius. You want to fish and you found a way to do it without breaking any rules. Here's a tip, stop bending the hooks, this will weaken them over time. You have 3 options here;

1) talk with your principal or vice principal and explain your situation. work out a deal where you can give them the hooks when you're done fishing and give them back to you when school is out.

2) you can place your hooks in a small box and leave them at a specific spot along the shore line ( in a bush or on a tree) and retrieve them when you're ready to fish.

3) keep doing what your doing and walk that thin line of breaking the rules because after all, it's still a hook no matter how your bend it.

Do what you love and never let anyone say that you can't, there's always a way to go fishing. ; ) ~good luck catchin'.






I took a rod to school because they had a large creek with trout in it and lets face it who doesn't like to catch a good brook trout, I had a car that I could keep it in though and it sounds like your walking or biking. I hope you find a solution that allows you to fish without getting in conflict with your administration. It's not weird though.