Fishermen: Can something serious happen if you are stuck by a fish's fin/tail?

A week ago, I stuck my hand in the freezer for something and ended up sticking it on what I found to be a frozen fish tail on a whole fish, which was in a ziplock bag. I don't know how old it is, but it bled (like a small prick) and now I really feel it. I feel a small throb and I'm concerned. I want to be able to wear a ring on that finger some day. Lol


My remedy (if it isn't healing right ie., change of color, persistant pain) is to break/re-open the cut/puncture and smother the injury with Hydrogen Peroxide (best disinfectant over the counter) and cover with gauze re-applying peroxide when necessary. Other than that you'll be fine <);-3

Note: When ya' see the peroxide foaming after application ya' know it's cleaning it out of any infectants...


it could get infected so keep it clean.


It's all good itll hurt but you'll be ok. It will hurt a wile though


You need to see a doctor as getting stuck by a fish any part can get infected because of all of the bacteria