How fast do I have to run the 800 to get into UCLA for running?

Like could i possibly get a scholarship? My junior year I ran a 1:54 and senior year I'm hoping to cut off a few more seconds.

& could my gf get in if she runs a 2:14 but also has a 4.3 gpa.


I think you can probably get a scholarship with a time like that. I think you need 1:51-1:52 for a scholarship. Your Girlfriend has a really really good Running time but I don't think enough to get a scholarship. Her GPA, however, Is a different story.If she got a 34-36 on her Act or a 1400-1600(Not sure about this one I never focused on Sat But..) on her SAT I think she'll get a scholarship. Either Way, I think it's very likely you'll both be able to get in but again I'm not so sure about both scholarships.


I don't believe they have a given set of time qualifiers but rather standards for their recruiting check this link out below located on their athletic page…


Talk to the coaching staff.