so, its my first 5k race.. and i have no idea what i should be eating. does anyone know what to eat the day before, and for breakfast right before the race? it starts at 7:45.

please and thank you :)


Night before- anything with carbs. Load yourself with them. Spaghetti, bread, pasta, lasagna, you name it. Over the night, your body will digest the food while maintaing the carbs for future use. In the morning take a nice crap to lighten the load.

Morning before- eat a small but not too small breakfast. I eat a bowl of cereal, an english muffin and drink a glass of orange juice. Bring a banana to the meet, then eat the banana before your warm-up. If you get side-stitches or cramp up, a banana is pretty critical. (It is for me.)

When your race comes, you will have the carbs, nutrients and potassium to help run long, strong and prevent cramps.


Anything with carbs! PASTA!


eat some pasta about an hour and a half before and take a cereal bar to eat half an hour before. dont be nervous i run 5k races alot i take 19.28, but a 7min mile is a good time! good luck


I just think that your letting anxiety get the better of you here. But just don't eat right before your run obviously. Eat Perhaps just an apple and banana, Or just wait until race is over.