I run a mile in 7:43 minutes?

well at first i could not even run a lap. so i set a goal for myself to be able to run a mile in 10min. But i smashed that record. now my new goal is to run 7 laps in 13 min. how can i achieve that goal and btw i have sickle cell trait. if this really helps. help me thanks


You can build up your stamina by doing intervals, that is "going all out" for a lap then jogging for a lap atec until you get your body (lungs, legs) built up to handle the speed and distance you want to work up to. Wow, sickle cell, I'm just glad you're doing ok, I know the pain can sometimes keep you out for awile so for you to build yourself up like this is something to proud of. Hope the advice helps


uhm, instead of running 7 laps in 14 why dont you improve your mile? just an opinion