Why do people still not consider cheer a sport? Here me out before you answer!?

I mean 20 years ago, yeah, it was just a hobby, because all cheer did was jump around cheering, but now its changed a lot!

Now pretty much every team throws stunts (throws girls in the air), does jumps, and tumbles.

How is that not concidered a sport?

And okay, if you want to get all technical with the definatation of a sport and say there has 2 be 2 people competing at once, yes, WE HAVE COMPETITONS!

If you donnt consider cheer a sport, could you at least consider cheerleaders athletes? Since cheer is pretty much dance/gymnastics on speed.

Please be polite in your answers, and please make sure that you make valid arguments if you disagree with me.

Thanks :)

((and for the record my team runs about a mile and half every practice, so dont use running against me :))

remember be respectful :)


They don't think its a sport because they have never tried it. If gymnastics is considered a sport than so is cheer. We do all the gymnast routines minus the beam, bars, and vaults. I'd like to see the people who think its not a sport throw a round-off back handspring into a full and then backflip up into a cupie before they open their mouths. And you're right, with other sports if you get hurt they get to sit down and relax, when we get hurt we have to work that much harder to finish the routine....break an arm, get a cast that day, back to practice tomorrow.


Lol well because, your just a bunch of girls that run in mini skirts, and mostly just smile all the time, bounce around like a bunch of monkeys and holler rhyming words over and over that stating the same thing, sports its when your rough, and think about crushing opponents, and plus i mean with sports you actually have a chance to join the team, the cheerleaders is all oh i want to throw up I'm so fat no your too fat to join the squad, and I'm a ****...get a life...sorry for this but cheer leaders make me mad, they act too snobby, but i bet your a nice person though! :)


I consider it a sport. It takes great athleticism to be able to do the stunts that cheerleaders do. Once you've watch Bring it On, who can deny it as a sport?


Penn State. Who do you want to cheer for in college?

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