How much should I be able to bench press?

I turned 14 a bout a month and a half ago. I'm 6 foot 1 and weight about 215 pounds


First off everyone has their own genetic ceiling so there isnt a specific weight that you should be able to lift. It's whatever you train for. I suggest, if you're interested in strengthening, that you develop a program for it. if you would like to get stronger, lift 2-3 sets with 1-6 reps with 60-75% of your one rep max, include a good dynamic warm up prior and stretch after... check out a nutrition website talking about protein and weight lifting. if you would like to be more powerful, do all of your exercises explosively. I've seen great results from it. good luck!


first off your huge. second. prob around 200 at that size. im guessing you are a freshman? usually somewhere around your weight.


If you are athletic and workout, the qverage you should be able to bench is almost your weight.