How to surf for beginners?

I wanna learn how. :]


Definitely grab a buddy who surfs and get them to help you if you can. A lot can be learned with the board on the shore... Learn getting up first there... Will be easier in the water. Youll have practice getting up from laying down position on the board and up to your feet in one swift move. Start in warmer surfing waters where you are comfortable and with people around. Use or rent a longer board well over 6 feet that is heavier (foam material). It's harder to walk with, but easier to surf on. These boards can take a beating and are more forgiving for those who can't get up fast. As far as the wave... Make sure they are smaller, yet rideable and in a place where you see others surf. Be straddling the board towards the rear perpendicular to the wave. When you decide to go turn towards shore... Lay down on it and swim with your hands fast as you can. You'll feel the wave begin to take you and before it passes... Get up! Be standing on the rear 1/3 of the board sideways and lead with the foot ( however you skate or snowboard ) that comes natural whether standard (LF forward) or goofy foot (RF forward) ride it out and enjoy! Remember safety is the most important and surf where people can see you! Hope this helps


no clue, it came to me naturally lol


get lessons


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