I want to learn tennis but I have no money?

Hi everyone i am 13 years old. I would really like to learn tennis and be good at it but I don't have any money right now. My parents are in a tough financial situation. Is there a way I can learn for free instead of going to the expensive clubs and also are their cheap is a very expensive sport. (maybe that's why not many people play it)

Thanks I really need your help and don't make fun of me!


Could you get a job working at a tennis club doing any job whatsoever, even as a volunteer? If you behave yourself, show a good attitude, etc, that would show people there that you would be worth taking a chance on, and perhaps someone there would help you out in becoming a strong player. Never underestimate the power of "pull" [someone helping someone else move up].

A number of world-class players have come from rather poor areas in the world. They were willing to do almost anything as they struggled to become a better player. A child from wealthy background might not be as "hungry" for success and therefore be unwilling to undergo difficult times en route to higher skill.

Somebody had to help these kids out. There had to be a program for them to learn and grow, a program that others knew had produced champions in the past, with a coach who knew what it takes to build champions. This is covered in "The Talent Code," by Daniel Coyle [ISBN: 978-0-553-80684-7. Subtitle: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How.]

Pancho Segura, for example, came from a humble background. I believe his Dad worked at a tennis club. His biography, "Little Pancho," by Caroline Seebohm, was very well-written [ ISBN: 978-0-8032-2041-6. Subtitle: The Life of Tennis Legend Pancho Segura.]

Some famous players who've trained at Bolletieri's academy were also from humble backgrounds. However, they wanted to be a champion very, very badly, and were willing to work like all get out in order to achieve that.

You're absolutely right about the expensive nature of tennis instruction and so forth. If you think lessons are costly, wait until you find out how much is being spent so that players can travel the world for two or three years, hoping to move up in the ATP or WTA rankings.

While it's true that kids from wealthy families *appear* to have an inside track on becoming a strong player, it is NO guarantee of success. There are many other factors that go into the creation of a world-class player.

If all it took to build a strong player was money, then the USA and other large countries would be leading the world in producing tennis professionals. That is certainly not the case today. There are only eight Americans among the top 100 players in the ATP, and we may be fortunate to have that many!


Ya I was like you when I was little...had to inject air to the fuzzless balls to play. Unless you found someone to sponsor you, forget it justplay soccer.