My daughter wearing a thong?

Okay she does volleyball and last year she always wore "granny panties" well i was at one of her games and i noticed i didn't see her normal panty line(wearing spandex) (i'm not a weird parent i just noticed it) and i asked her about it she said kids make fun of her when she's in regular underwear and play. She also says she doesn't wear them really but only when she plays.

I looked in her dresser and she only had 4 the rest wear regular. So i'm wondering am i over reacting. She's going to the 10th grade, I told her i'd have to think about her wearing them but everytime i think i think about a little boy noticing and having a party in his pants.

Am i over reacting?

Do girls really make fun about that?

what are your opinions?


i would be with your daughter on this one... im a freshman and i wear thongs but only when i play volleyball, sometimes i do with other clothes but only to avoid the panty line. Some of my teammates even go commando because a panty line is so unnattractive to them. Unless your daughter has a bad reputation (which i'm convinced she does not), you should trust her enough to not be showing her thong off to boys. It is true that many volleyball players will wear thongs because of the whole panty line thing when you wear spandex, so id let her have this one definitely.


Being a volleyball player, it's a pretty big deal to wear a thong. I play and I've worn them since I was 12. I would definitely say she's to the point where a thong is completely normal and acceptable. Don't worry about the boys. It's not as big of a deal as you think.


I don't think your over-reacting, If I saw my daughter in a thong I'd be surprised! But you do have to know that she is growing up and the truth is that she didn't really hide it from you. so be careful, but if u were that age and everyone teased u about your ''granny panties'' u would wear that too , or something more not like ''granny panties'' so just think about how she's feeling about it


girls dont really pay attention to what underwear you are wearing.........

this may sound weird but look at the other girls panty lines ,it may show if your daughter is lying or not


As a girl in high school myself, I get where you're coming from, but I understand your daughter's position better. Honestly, I think that she should be of the maturity level to decide whether her wearing a thong is appropriate. A guy is going to "have a party in his pants" regardless of her wearing a thong or not, just so you know.

And having family that plays volleyball, let her at least wear them for games, it really is embarrassing.

You aren't over-reacting, most parents would do the same thing.


You'd be amazed at how cruel girls can be in the locker room.

I was young for my grade and also quite thin. I didn't really need a brassiere, but had to beg and plead with my mom to get me one when I was in junior high because the girls would steal my undershirt while I was in the shower and toss it around above my head in the locker room....

In high school, shaved legs became the issue....


You're overreacting.