What do you have to do in volleyball tryouts for 7th Grade?

I'm a little scared. What are the coaches looking for? && what do the coaches ask you to do? (drills) thanks(:


Yes that is all they want! Good passes! Because they can work with a good pass! At my 7th grade tryouts they looked at everyone's serves, hits, passes, and sets. Then they will probably let you play all together with 12 people on the court. No worries as long as you have been practicing your good!


Good passes. You have to be able to get your serves over the net. You must be able to be quick on your feet. call the ball (Mine). And dont argue with your coach.



it depends on what team you wanna make.. A,B,or C.

For A*Teaam,you need to know how to pass good,set good,hit good,make your serve over the net,& definately call the ball loud..

If you call the ball loud,that will definately make them notice you..

Hope this helped.(: