Black or White kneepads for volleyball?

I just bought the black skinny nike kneepads ..

And now i'm starting to think white looks better.

I wear black shorts for ALL games ..

Should i return it for white or stay with black ones ?

Why ?


If you wear black shorts you should wear black knee pads for 2 reasons

1. They dont show sweat stains at all.

2. It works better with the black shorts.

I wear black spandex, socks, braces, and knee pads for my volleyball team. Also the black is slimming on your legs. :))


go with black


It doesn't matter. Who cares what you look like when you play. Black is less likely to look dirty anyway



THey dont get as dirty and I think they look alot better also.


good luck with your season


When i first time playing i had white ones and they got so dirty so quick and i just got black ones now that im a freshman and they wont stand out like the white ones hope it helped:)