How do I get rid of cameltoe when wearing spandex shorts in volleyball?

i play volleyball and i wear the spandex shorts. all girls get cameltoe when they wear them without underwear. wearing underwear is usually to hot, and i've tried a thong, is there any other option? any tips? other kinds of underwear or styles anyone knows of? are there any tips or tricks i can use?


The same thing happens to me and my team

You should really try the "yoga pants thongs" from victoria's secret. they are so comfortable.

But regardless a thong is a thong and they are not always the most comfy things in the world so an alternative idea is buying the seamless boy-shorts from target. They can't be seen under spandex and are also great for your period.

Hope this helps :)


no worries thongs don't really help with camel toes just wear any kind of underwear and put a pantyliner in as well. the pantyline gets rid of the cameltoe and they are comfortable and unnoticable


what i do is just get some yoga style black thongs from victoria's secret they are very comfortable and will get rid of that problem.