Skate banana sizing, color and bindings?

I weigh 179 and am 6' 4'' tall, will a 156 not break if i did a hardcore tail press? or landed jank? Also does anyone know what color a 156 wide banana comes in the assorted? Last but not least, what bindings should i slap on? Union force DLX, Ride Beta movement, Flow Flite 3, other?


Man you'd be fine with a 156 wide, the site says 100+ lbs and lib techs are very durable, so you're definately not gonna break it on a steezed out press or landing backseat unless you're hucking off some massive big air kickers! The color, if it's assorted, you will be taking your chances on, however, you could always call the people you're buying it from and find out what colors they have in stock and order it. Other than that they come in yellow/green, blue/green, yellow/red, and purple/green color ways. The unions will be great I have a pair of forces myself they're really comfy, lifetime warranty on base plates, good customer service and grade A materials are used in those bad boys! Anyways I hope I helped you out, good luck on your decision and happy shredding !


If you weight 179 you shouldn't be riding a 156. Try the next size up. I believe the skate banana comes in yellow, green, blue, red, gray, and there might be some others. If by force DLX you mean the SL's then definitely get them.