For those who want WWE to return to TV14, how would you defend it in a debate?

PG vs TV14


Vince McMahon himself said that his company, the WWE, is more Entertainment than Wrestling. Wrestling comes second.

Ok, So if entertainment is the top value - then why don't you make it entertaining? PG can only work if that company prides itself in it's Wrestling ability, rather than Entertaining promos and brawls, ect. It's much easier to make entertaining stuff out of TV14, because you have less restrictions on what you can do. C'mon, No jokes that they say in a PG Television show are funny, and none of the stupid skits are entertaining anymore.

It's quite obvious that all Vince wants is money from Kids - He does not give a damn about the people who have been watching longer than those kids have been living.


I suppose you could argue that wrestling is a violent sport so those that are watching it should be over 14.

I really do not feel that being TV 14 would help--the only thing it really gives you access to is extreme violence (explosions i.e. Vince's faked death and language). The types of shows that are rated TV 14 I have never found entertaining. They go to the lowest common denominator, but I apparently am not included. I cannot go through a whole episode of anything from Adult Swim, which is really what it seems that people want to see.


Either way wrestling is showing kids bad stuff PG or TV14 so might as well keep it as TV14


The sales were high and money was flowing during the attitude era. Talk to vince about money, thats the only way he understands.


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