Who are some female users here you find annoying?

And why?


Ms.Cena 54

I asked a question that got 30 stars & everyone answerd positively & She answerd my question w/ a smart *ss remark. Then I answerd her question telling her what she did & I got smart w/ her. & she says she didnt read the question & said something smart*ss again. So I said something smart*ss & told her to STFU, & she ...

Well you get the point now. I dont like her, & I dont care if she likes me or not.


Alexa Jeff Hardy Fan

He made The Clown Prince of Crime getting suspended.


The Bottom Line, and she is a female.


You cannot know for sure if they are female or male. Like they say, a picture tells a thousand words but never judge a book by its cover.


There are three users, I'm not going to track their profile name and find their exact user name but they are die hard John Cena fans and it pisses me off. I mean, I'm a Cena fan but when I see them answer, it may not even be about Cena, they would say Cena is the best wrestler of all time if they don't know the answer. It's pathetic to me. They are worse than trolls. The best female here is skatergirl. She knows her stuff and is a true wrestling fan.


The ones that ask a million questions like "Who is hotter: Cena or Randy?"

or "OMG he's so hot"

Same applies for guys who ask about Divas. This is wrestling not a beauty pageant


That Troll Bobby, best bet is it was a girl turned boy, he/she just never stops trollin.