Sting or the Undertaker?

Sting or the Undertaker?


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Undertaker all day every day!


Undertaker not that chicken **** sting that is scarred if he went to the wwe he wont get Famous!


Sting, anyone over 18 can tell you that and if they cant they dont know much about Stings career. Taker was never THE TOP guy in the entire business, Sting was.


Sting would defeat the Undertaker. Hands down

He has way more charisma and in ring ability. Taker couldnt slow him down. Not a chance


I agree with Wolfpac that most people don't know who Sting was but I have been watching wrestling for 15 years, I have seen Stings matches and they are great, but they are not as good as The Undertakers. Both of these guys are very similar in the fact that they are huge icons on complete opposite sides of the wrestling scales. Sting wrestled for WCW while Undertaker wrestled for the opposing WWF.

I prefer Undertaker because I watched WWF back in the day alot more than I did WCW.


Let me explain something...

Almost everyone on here is under 16. They have no idea who Sting really was, he was the biggest star and feuded with Ric Flair for the WCW Championship and was always one of the biggest stars in WCW. He also had one of the biggest comebacks ever with his black and white "crow" gimmick.

He is also one of the most known and respected wrestlers ever and has accomplished all of that without ever wrestling for WWE.

So overall Sting is a much better icon and wrestler, these people just have no clue about who Sting really was, but hey you can't blame them.


taker of course....... thatd be nice to have sting UNDERTAKERS 20th VICTUM AT MANIA ----- 20-0


Undertaker just because he is bigger