What are the current WWE backstage "Kliqs"?

I know about the Cena and Orton best buddies one, but what are the other ones?


Triple H and Sheamus along with McIntyre I think


rey and bourne and mvp and batista are all friends

everybody is friends with cena

sharmel micheal mccool and almose all the divas

hhh and sheamus

orton and edge

hbk and jerico

also everybody likes jerico


Triple H AND Shameus (AKA the only reason that dude has gotten main event status so quickly -_-)


The only ones i know are the 2 you know & maryse & the bella twins


morrison and R-truth


I think Candice and Stephanie were really close...

Kelly and Maryse.

Maria and Kelly.

Not sure about the male ones though :\