Is there any Superstar that everyone loves that you HATE?

Mine is Rey Mysterio.

He's always calling himself the underdog, but it is the exact opposite. Rey always wins.


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Christian, hes so plain, Cpt. Charisma, not really. Hes boring.


Jeff Hardy. Simply because this guy doesn't deserve the Love,I have respect to him as a Wrestler/Entertainer but not as a Person.because he's a Druggy


I wouldn't say i hate him, but Taker is not in my top 5 favorites.


Evan Bourne



i dont know why but stone cold


Anytime I dated a wrestling fan I would instantly go against their favorites...

In the 90's I dated a fan of The Rock... so I was not a Rock fan

After that I dated a girl that thought John Cena was so dreamy... I can easily not follow Cena...

These days I'm with a Batista fan.... so I gotta boo The Animal!

Although, too bad he's out of the business, she doesn't wanna watch anymore!


I love to hate Triple H


the undertaker and christian i mean i almost fall asleep when i see the undertaker wrestle