Weird question: Does anybody else don't watch Sheamus to lose his paleness?

BQ: If I broke the rules and said a couple of curse words to some trolls, would any of you report me?


Do you mean WANT him to lose his paleness? If thats it, No it adds to his character. He's a heel, and well even Cena can make fun of him lol.

BQ: You might as well not answer them at all, just report. But if you do we'll be reporting the trolls not you.


Sorry if it sounds condescending but do you mean "does anybody else not want Sheamus...."?

If so then yes, he's representing for all the pale gingers out there. Respect to him.

BQ: No, the trolls are annoying but I honestly don't think it's worth the effort to do so. Just put down the two point truck for an easy 2 points. As for reporting I think only trolls will report you for swearing at other trolls.


he cant lose his "paleness" he has a lack of skin pigmentation similar to an albino the only possibility would be a spray tan, and he would look like a giant orange gumby if he did that.


No, I dont even think he is that pale tho so IDK why wwe is trippin'. Cena's idea to call him that i bet.

BQ:I will because I am tired of you people complaining about trolls and instead of reporting, you whine.

Edit:good, im glad you aren't like them. Im glad you are mature enough not to because I hate people who always complain about them


I will not report you :)

Go nuts lol

and didn't get your question about Sheamus.



BQ- No