Why does tna have a roster of like 77 guys?

Why does tna have a roster of like 77 guys?


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Because they signed them, TNA needs another brand.


because wrestling is fake and a waste of time


Because TNA will hire anything that has a heart beat


TNA hired extra , and well known talent to take over Monday Night Wrestling, but once they moved back to Thursday nights they were stuck with all the extra talent they hired to defeat WWE, now it is way to crowded with the wolf pack, syxx pac and hall.. Nash is a TNA legend, so to speak. and they have Hogan who is now fueding with Abyss, TNA's roster is all messed up from them trying to go toe to toe with monday night RAW, they are probably down the road going to have to release a few superstars.


because they only have one brand


I don't know. How can any of them get pushes if they never get show time?


Too bad only 10 of them get tv time on Impact. Yeah blame Hogan & Bischoff for that.


Because they hired them