What happened to Dawn Marie?

I know she had a baby but did she return to wrestling or did she retire


She was released from her WWE contract on July 6, 2005 while on maternity leave, as she had recently gotten pregnant

On November 5, 2005, while still pregnant she appeared at the ECW reunion event Hardcore Homecoming: November Reign, which is unaffiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment, holding the key for the main event steel cage match between Jerry Lynn and P.J. Polaco. The match was won by Polaco after Dawn Marie, Jason Knight, and Lance Storm interfered on his behalf. In June 2006, she managed Johnny Candido in a match for the National Wrestling Superstars promotion.

In July 2009, Psaltis signed with Dragon Gate USA as the "Live Event Hostess", a role similar to that of the ring announcer.


Luckily for me she left. I hated her. She killed Torrie's father!


She Actually was released from her WWE contract when she was on Maternity leave, cruel eh?