Kelly kelly vs layla ?

who do you want to win?

who do you think is gonig to win?

i think kelly kelly will win cause she's been in the wwe for a long time and never got a championship before so i think she will win even though she doesnt really deserve it.

i want kelly kelly


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Who do you want to win: Kelly Kelly

Who do you think is going to win: Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly has deserved this championship for some time, and though I am a fan of hers, I only want her to be the Women's Champion until The Glamazon Beth Phoenix comes back.


I want kelly kelly to win


I want Kelly too win. But I think that Layla will win from outside interference


I really hope Kelly Kelly wins.

I also think she will win because she has been with the WWE for 3-4 years now without that many chances.


Kelly Kelly has been in the company for awhile, and has improved a lot. Whether you like her or not, she's the face of the Diva's division now that Trish and Mickie are gone, and she gets the biggest reactions from the crowd now a days (only because Melina and Beth are out ) but anyway, she deserve it.

I want Kelly, but I see Michelle interferring and Layla retaining. But Kelly will win it soon, maybe at Summerslam.


I want Kelly Kelly to win. She has been in the company for 4 years and has only been treated as a stripper symbol. I would love for her to capture the Woman's Championship from Layla which will lead into a feud between Layla and Michelle McCool. Kelly Kelly is one of the only Diva's that will be wrestling in the company for a long period of time since she started in the company at 19 years old. What better way than to give Kelly Kelly a push rather than winning the Woman's Championship.

I think Layla would win. WWE believes that Kelly Kelly is the future of the Diva's Division and they don't really need to give her Championships yet. I personally feel that she deserves it more than anyone but I believe she will not prevail. I also believe that Michelle McCool will some how interfere in the match making Kelly Kelly loose and start a feud with LayCool. Although, hopefully, Kelly Kelly can pull a win.


I Hope Layla retains..


i want kelly kelly to win

kelly kelly is going to win