HBK or Ric Flair Whos better?

HBK or Ric Flair Whos better?


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Shawn Michaels come on it's Mr.Wrestlemania we're talkin about


Shawn put Ric in retirement for pete sake.




maybe if ric didnt sell out it would be a tie, but HBK no question


HBK. The stomach chops get old after awhile, as well does the blood every match.

HBK hands down.


2 Icons . Tie .


HBK definatly, ric flair even admitted it in his HOF speech

flair was a good worker and drew money but he seemed to be not that changable(if thats a word) most of his matches followed the same formula really

and even though HBK had his set moves heed use he would adapt and change how he used the moves depending on the situation

plus if you look at there titles it says it all really, ric flair was a 16 time champion, HBK was nowhere near that but still considered by many as better than flair, so he didnt need titles to make him look good

i cant think of many times when HBK was on a PPV and it wasnt obviuos after watching that his match stole the show

ric flair was good as his character and could work some good 60 minute matches but i still dont see him as even close to michaels in inring skill