A question which has been playing on my mind since i started watching wwe?

i realised this ages ago but now i want to know why - why is raw Vince's favourite show, i mean lets face it they have all the best superstars apart form mysterio undertaker and cm punk. there the only brand involved in this nexus storyline and they are the one with the crap storyline of the anonymous gm. Smackdown has been my favourite brand since i started watching the show and i think its time vince showed the smackdown stars/fans more respect by giving them better rivalries and matches and involve them in the nexus picture.


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I can understand where you are coming from. I also have been a Smackdown fan. Heck, I prefer Smackdown over Raw and when I started watching the WWE, Smackdown was the very first show I started watching and I really enjoyed it since the wrestlers went back and forth on both shows which was before the 2002 WWE draft that made the brands exclusive. Even after that, there were a lot of great talented and entertaining wrestlers that kept me interested in watching such as Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, The Undertaker and John Cena and not only that, Stephanie McMahon was a very active General Manager and the storyline with her own dad that got her fired, it was really entertaining although I didn't want to see Stephanie quit as the GM. Back then, the main event feud was mainly between Angle, Lesnar and Big Show and I didn't care how many weeks they took up to finish their feud because all of the time were exciting. Raw on the other side back then was interesting and fun to watch too, but no where compared to how great Smackdown was. I personally think that Vince McMahon preferred Smackdown over Raw back in that time because they had close ratings with Raw and he realizes that Smackdown is the better show, both talent and storyline wise. Raw is the prime show and Vince loves it more due to the fact that it is live, it produces a lot more ratings, it's been on for over many years. Smackdown just had their 10 year anniversary, but Raw, they are close to 20 years and 1,000 episodes. After this year's annual WWE draft, it was obvious that the WWE was favoring Raw again and I kinda see Smackdown as kinda the ECW like show now. They took Smackdown's Wrestlemania main event and John Morrison from Smackdown and all they got back were The Big Show, Christian and Kingston. Smackdown can be easily the better show, first, they would need to increase their ratings and since they are moving to SyFy soon, they should consider moving back to Thursday Nights since a lot of people are out on Friday Nights and not only that, but make it live. Smackdown spoilers are really easy access and the show gets posted on video sites such as Dailymotion and Youtube and a lot of people can easily watch it from there.


Raw is Vince McMahon's favourite show because it gets higher ratings, makes more money and generally has better entertainers on the brand, such as John Cena, Edge Randy Orton, Sheamus, The Miz, John Morrison, R-Truth ETC... Vince is putting all the better entertainers on Raw, None of those Superstars can really wrestler, most wrestlers on smackdown are less entertaining but can actually wrestler better than allot of the Raw brand superstars and thats why those superstars are on Smackdown because they are not as entertaining as the raw brand superstars, allot of the wrestlers on raw are the muscle bound superstars, the stars that have been in films and have had better careers than allot of the Smackdown superstars, allot of the Smackdown superstars are new to the WWE.


Raw is the flagship show. It's been around longer and is their "A-Show". They seem to try and pretend backstage that both Raw and Smackdown are equal but it's obvious they're not.

Smackdown does put on better matches in my opinion tho, and I prefer watching it to Raw.


He prefers it because it makes him more money. SD! gets ratings of 1.5+ and RAW gets ratings of 3.3+. Raw obviously makes more money then. It's also been going since 1993 and RAW has an incredible history. He's even on the RAW roster.



Because It Might Be One Of The Most Watched Show Worldwide


Well i think vince could put a little more time and effort in SmackDown

But when I watch smackdown I feel relaxed but amused

I think nexus should stay with raw


A show like RAW is called an "A-Show." SmackDown is better than RAW IMO. RAW is just about entertainment. SmackDown actually has wrestlers who wrestle. That's why that RAW is Mr. McMahon's "main" show. Don't call it "favorite." Call it "main."


That's because Raw is prime time. They get the better ratings and out of all their shows, that's where they generate the most money. Not to mention, Raw started like 6 years before Smackdown did. But Vince did have a huge role on Smackdown once. He used to be GM of Smackdown and Ric Flair was GM of Raw when they first began the brand extension.