Is it true that john cena pass away in the morning?

im so sad that hes dead i read at wwe R.I.P CENA WE WILL MISS YOU


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It's not true. Cheer up!


As much as I'd love that to happend, it's not true.

btw, your title doesn't make any sense.


dude this is why your account keeps getting deleted


nope and thats desrispect full so close to giant gonzales real death


No he hasn't died.

Sure you read it on wwe? I've just been there, there's nothing about him dying on their site.


no idiot!


RIP Giant Gonzalez; a man who ACTUALLY DIED this morning.



Who's throwing the party?

I kid, I kid.

Cena, as I'm sure you know, is alive and well -_-