Why was cm punk on commentary last night?

Why was cm punk on commentary last night?


CM Punk has a nagging hip injury, so he's basically out of wrestling until that heals up.

In the meantime, The WWE creative team has been giving him stuff to do besides wrestling (i.e commentary).

He'll probably be do commentary until all his injuries have healed up. Sorry for the repetitiveness, but

I hope I helped!


he hasn't been cleared to wrestle yet


3 Weeks ago he was.


cause hes injured and is gonna be out of action for a while. so hes better at commentary then cole so why not put him behind the announce table. i bet they are going to have him return the same way jbl did.


Well He is recoving from hip surgury.....and they want to use Punk still and they noticed he actually is good at being an announcer........100% better then Cole thats for sure. So expect Punk to be announcing till he is better then he will probably be attack while announcing when he is better to get him back in a feud.