What do you think of this HHH return scenario?

This is just wishful thinking,although it could happen,you never know.

So Sheamus wins the King of the Ring and says "I am the King of RAW,the King of all the WWE"

Then HHH King of Kings theme hits "O my god it's HHH!"

HHH beats the hell out of Sheamus and says "I am the KING OF KINGS"

Then they have a match at TLC and HHH gets his revenge on Sheamus for putting him out of action.

What do you think?

I think it could be a great time for HHH to return considering Superman is on hiatus to make another movie or whatever,and considering that you could have Jericho,Cena,and Undertaker making there returns at the Royal Rumble now would be a good time.Thoughts?


Jericho is touring with Fozzy in the U.K i think and from what i heard he will be touring into next year BUT thats what i heardm not sure how accurate it is.

It would be a good way to get HHH back but i don't see a point in him taking Sheamus out of action for a long time. Sheamus is still working really well as a hell and when HHH returns it's a chance for them to up Sheamus' standing in the WWE as a top heel and hopefully give him a legitimate title reign where he defends the itle WITHOUT retarded endings to fights so he can establish he is one of the top guys in the WWE! BUT The King Of Kings will go back on his throne, and to finish the WWE has had a king for the past 20+ years, his name, Jerry The King Lawler, LONG LIVE THE KING!


hes not coming back


Could Be.


that's excellent that may happen i hope so


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i have to agree with u and if jericho,cena,and take return i wonder who's gona win?